The Youth Mobility Working Group is one of the four Working Groups of AEGEE that are linked to the four focus areas of the organization’s current Strategic Plan and Action Agenda. This Working Group is linked to the focus area of Youth Mobility.

Youth Mobility is a way to make young people from different cultures meet, work, play and learn together, resulting in friendships, relationships and bonds of solidarity between the young people of Europe, at a time when that seems to be at stake. The vision of AEGEE is clearly that of a borderless Europe and Youth Mobility can be one of the most powerful tools to achieve that. As members of AEGEE we know this to be true because we experience it in our daily lives. The objectives of the focus area of Youth Mobility are measurable ways to empower that and spread it to others.

Below, you can find the main aim, as well as the objectives of the focus area of Youth Mobility, as drafted in our current Strategic Plan and Action Agenda:



AIM: Identify, reduce, and remove barriers to youth and student mobility.
One of the basic principles of the European Union is freedom of movement. However, this principle does not work fully in reality, where people still face different problems such as visas, administrative barriers, limited financial resources, reduced number of opportunities… Youth mobility covers different aspects of the life of young people, be it education, volunteering, work or leisure. AEGEE can participate in the implementation of various mobility programmes and provide expert knowledge on practical aspects our members face when dealing with mobility issues. Moreover, the focus on accessibility and quality of these programmes is essential for AEGEE.

OBJECTIVE 1: Establish a group of supporters* to help locals on visa matters by gathering information from locals and embassies in order to identify main challenges in 50% of European non-Schengen countries and develop guidelines for those countries.
* Group of supporters is in charge of:
– gathering information from locals, tips and tricks from locals and help them share best practices
– giving information about incoming and outgoing Visas
– establish cooperation with the respective embassies

OBJECTIVE 2: Train 100 members on mobility programs and grant opportunities to gain knowledge on grant writing and to support different bodies in AEGEE.

OBJECTIVE 3: Establish at least 5 long-term discount agreements with companies that provide mobility service.


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